Book Nerd Blog: Meet your personal book nerd’s hero: a 3ft tall giant among men

Book Nerd Blog: Meet your personal book nerd’s hero:  a 3ft tall giant among men

“If we could follow the slogan that says,’Turn off the TV and open a good book’ we would do something of substance for a future generation.”
― Gordon B. Hinckley (as found on  www.goodreads.com)


I found this quote right after my last post just a few days ago.  Timing is everything!  Now, I am certainly NOT anti-TV.  I enjoy a few programs, and love classic movies (thank you, TCM for providing this addict with her Cary Grant fix) and I am obsessed with the BBC show Sherlock, but for the most part the TV stays OFF in my house.  And no, I rarely watch the news, and somehow I’ve survived just fine.  Don’t even get me started on Reality TV….that’s a whole other topic to rant about.

The bottom line:  TV has its place, but the individual should control the TV, and not the other way around! 


I have a great alternative to the TV for you today:  it’s a book everyone will enjoy and be inspired by; a biography that also is a great personal development tool.  It’s Sean Stephenson’s book Get Off Your But — I loved it and I think you will too.


If you’re unfamiliar with Stephenson, he was born with a crippling disease causing his bones to become extremely brittle and break.  His childhood was full of suffering and excruciating pain; yet he became (among other things) a college graduate, psychologist, author, speaker and husband.  His story will engage and inspire you.  It was one of those books that I had to force myself to read slowly, because I really wanted the book to last.

I encourage you to pick up Stephenson’s book today on Amazon, eBay or my personal favorite, half.com.  For a man who physically stands only 3 ft tall: he’s truly a giant among men.

I hope you enjoy this book nerd’s recommendation for you!  If you like this one pick, imagine what other gems I have in store for Pebble Wisdom Subscribers.  Check it out today!

Until next time, I remain:

Your Personal Book Nerd,


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