Book Nerd Blog: We interrupt this regularly scheduled series….

Book Nerd Blog:  We interrupt this regularly scheduled series….

I know, I know…we are in the middle of our 8 week series exploring the wonderful genres in the world of non-fiction.  Sometimes, though, life intervenes and I want to share with you a deeply personal blog today. And, of course, I’ve got a book for that!


It’s a part of life, a part of love.  It can be fleeting, a young child’s loss of goldfish or hamster. It can be devastating, as the sudden death of a spouse or child. Usually, when loss touches our life it’s somewhere in the middle.

I got hit with a double loss in the last few weeks.  My beloved 13 year old Basset Fred died after being diagnosed with COPD (yeah, dogs get it too. Who knew?)  It was a tough loss that really stung, as Fred was absolutely loaded with personality and really fought for his life.  Almost immediately after, my 17 year old Siamese Chloe died from renal failure. I didn’t have months of notice like I had with Fred. I had a couple weeks, as I noticed her rapid weight loss. 

In both cases, I intervened before the suffering grew too great and, with the help of a caring vet, ended their lives with love and peace. Even now I tear up just writing this.  It was such a loving act, the final thing I could give them, but it tore my heart out.  Pet lovers everywhere know the feeling all too well.

One thing that helps me process my grief is to go through all the pictures we have of our loved one and organize them (I am at my happiest when I am organizing something!).  An unexpected epiphany hit me when I was looking at all the photos:

My husband Mike was in dozens, maybe hundreds, of them. Me, maybe 20.  And then it hit me.

I missed it.

So many pictures I deleted, or never took, because: I looked bad. My hair. My clothes. I looked fat. I didn’t have makeup on. I looked old. Blah blah blah. And I missed the opportunity to remember the moment!  So many moments of laughter and love with my pets, and I missed it because I didn’t want a ‘bad hair’ picture? Please. I thought I’d moved beyond that mentality.

Apparently I am still a work in progress.  One thing’s for sure: as a Book Nerd, devoted to lifelong learning, I have learned this:  I will not miss it again.  If the picture is not flattering of me, but the moment is worthy, THE PICTURE STAYS.

I can’t end this post without having a book for that. You know me better than that! Here is it:  It’s in the Biography genre, and it’s called Made in America.  It profiles Sam Walton’s life, and what strikes me most about this engaging tale are his final three words:  I blew it.

Sam, thanks for the lesson. I will not blow it.

Until next time…

Your Personal Book Nerd,


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