The Book Nerd Blog: You Need to Read More. Here’s Why according to…Darren Hardy

The Book Nerd Blog:  You Need to Read More. Here’s Why according to…Darren Hardy

Today we wrap up our journey based on my self-created ‘National You Need to Read More Month’.  I’ve got a two-for-one for you today from the business world: none other than Darren Hardy & Tony Hsieh!  Read on…

Success Magazine’s former publisher Darren Hardy is one of the most uber-successful people I can think of.  A six-figure earner at age 19, he’s conquered multiple industries and is well known and respected by hundreds of thousands.  (What?! You say you’ve never heard of Hardy?! You can fix that right now – Hardy offers a free (yes, really!) daily mentoring session at www.darrendaily.com).   

Hardy often speaks of creating daily AM and PM bookends, structured routines that set each day up for maximum success.  Part of his AM routine?  Thirty minutes of dedicated reading time.  Imagine that – an uber-successful man carving thirty minutes each day out of his schedule to READ.

And I found this gem of a quote when I read Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, about his time as CEO of Zappos:

“I’ve always been an avid book reader.  We encourage employees to read books from our library to help them grow both personally and professionally.  There are many books that have influenced our thinking of Zappos and helped us to get where we are today.

We didn’t realize it at the time, but the idea of the Zappos library would evolve far beyond just a small set of books that a few employees would read.  Five years later, there would be 100 titles in our lobby available for free to all employees and visitors. Many of the books would eventually become required reading for employees to help them pursue growth and learning, and Zappos would even offer classes to go over some of the more popular books.”

In case you missed it: Hsieh sold his first company, LinkExchange, to Microsoft for over $250 million. While he was still in his 20’s.  Guess that whole reading mindset worked out pretty well for him, huh?!

I figure hey, if it’s good enough for Darren & Tony, it’s good enough for us!

The question is:  what are YOU reading right now?

Until next time,

Your Personal Book Nerd,


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