The Book Nerd Blog: You Need to Read More. Here’s Why according to…Tony Robbins

The Book Nerd Blog:  You Need to Read More. Here’s Why according to…Tony Robbins

This is the second of four posts to celebrate October, which is our completely fictional  You-Need-to-Read-More-Month.  Last week, Jim Rohn inspired us. This week we’re turning to personal development legend Tony Robbins. His take on reading is below. 

 How did I come to know this? Tony and I are close personal friends and he told me this recently.  Just kidding.  Actually, I read his latest book Money: Master the Game and that’s my source of inspiration.  (FYI, if you haven’t gotten the book yet, get it now. You can thank me later).

 And Tony, if you’re reading this – I stand ready, willing and able to become your close personal friend.  I’ll be waiting for your call

Here’s why Tony Robbins thinks you need to read more, in his own words:

“The financial crisis [of 2008] caused tremendous pain, but it also made us re-evaluate what’s most important in our lives – things that have nothing to do with money.  It was a time to get back to basics, to the values that have sustained us through troubled times before.  For me, it made me remember the days when I was sleeping in my car homeless and searching for a way to change my life.  How did I do it?


They helped to establish me. I’ve always been a voracious reader: as a young man, I decided I was going to read a book a day.  I figured leaders are readers. I took a speed-reading course.  I didn’t quite read a book a day, but over 7 years I did read more than 700 books to find the answers to help myself and others.  Books on psychology, time management, history, philosophy, physiology.  I wanted to know about anything that could immediately change the quality of my life and anyone else’s.”

So…I think that whole ‘reading 700 books’ thing worked out pretty well for him, considering he’s a self made billionaire, owns his own island in Fiji, and is still at the top of his game professionally.  The only question left to ask is:

Where could YOU go if you read more?

Until next time,

Your Personal Book Nerd,


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