Book Nerd Blog: Spotlight on Health Titles

Book Nerd Blog:  Spotlight on Health Titles

It’s week 7 already in our 8-part series on the genres of non-fiction!  (Missed any? Click here to catch up).  Today, we focus on what I like to call the ‘primary genre’: Health titles.  Let’s face it, the best money, personal development or biography in the world isn’t going to help you if you don’t have your health.

Here’s 2 titles that belong in every Book Nerd’s library:

Athletic woman working out in a meadow, from a complete series of photos.First up is the Ageless Woman’s Guide to Heart Health.  I’d like to begin with a (minor) complaint.  Don’t be fooled by this title – this is a book every man AND woman should have.  Women, for the obvious reason – did you know women are TWICE as likely to die from a heart attack as a man?  And that 250,000 people each year have a heart attack? ‘nuff said. Get this book.

Men need the book too – for the woman in their life! Your wife, mom, daughter, sister, coworker, friend, lover, niece. Women need to have this information and men, you can do your part by making sure the women in your life have this book.

While it’s written by a doctor, it’s written in a way that we all can understand (FYI: the first chapter gets a little dry & overly technical. It’s OK to skip that one).  There’s also a handy checklist of the numbers we need to know – do not go to your next doctor’s appointment without this list ready!

Now that we’ve got the critical issue of heart health taken care of, let’s move onto another health issue that affects everyone: energy. Whether you’re overweight, not eating right, sleeping poorly, the fact remains: you need energy to make the most out of every day. 

Fortunately for us, Dr Jo Lichten has the solution in her book Reboot!  Written in that all-to-familiar computer theme of Control-Alt-Delete, Dr. Lichten gives us tips for every area of life.  Want to know the best time to take a nap? It’s in there.  How about the best thing to eat before/after a workout? It’s in there.  And how many calories should we need each day, and for each meal?

You guessed it….it’s in there.  Do yourself a favor and pick up this book today. Read it, highlight it, and most of all:  pick the #1 idea for you and implement it right away.

Let’s face it. This life is short and precious.  Why not get the most from each day with vitality and energy? Until next time, I remain…

Your Personal Book Nerd,


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