Book Nerd Blog: Spotlight on Parables

Book Nerd Blog:  Spotlight on Parables

If you’ve been following our 8 week series on the genres of non fiction, you know that we wrapped up the series last week and I promised one bonus category today. It’s time to talk about….parables!  Parables (a fictional story wrapped around non fiction concepts) are great ways to entertain ourselves with breezy, easy to read stories while we learn at the same time. Here’s two of my very favorites:

I don’t know how we could talk about Parables without mentioning the late, great Og Mandino.  Mandino’s ‘The Greatest Secret in the World’ is my favorite parable. Ever.

This particular tale was the 3rd in a trilogy Mandino wrote. Do yourself a favor and pick up the trilogy today.  The story was loosely based on Mandino’s own life; his rags-to-riches tale of success and failure.  I’m not giving away any spoilers here; so I’ll just say: Get. The. Book.

I think one of the most well known parables Red road sign representing forbidden changehas to be Dr Spencer Johnson’s best-seller Who Moved My Cheese?  It’s a delightful tale about mice, cheese and change. You’ll smile as you read this one, as the different characters in the book will remind you of different people in your life (maybe even you!).  It’s a terrific book that can be easily read in an afternoon, and it’s ideal for all ages.

If you haven’t read parables, before – do yourself a favor and start with these two. You just might become a big fan of this under-rated genre. I certainly am!

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