Book Nerd Blog: Spotlight on Spiritual Titles

Book Nerd Blog:  Spotlight on Spiritual Titles

Book Nerd Blog:  Spotlight on Spiritual Titles

It’s week 8! We’re nearing the end of our series exploring all the wonderful genres in the world of non fiction.  Today we look at a misunderstood genre:  spiritual titles.  Spirituality is a personal thing, whether you’re a devout Catholic, a Buddhist, Jewish, or something else that you can’t define.  Living a life with a spiritual core, however you choose to define it, gives our lives definition. Here’s two of my favorites:

For those of you searching for something, or simply curious about other faiths, I’ve got a great series for you:  The Great Courses is a teaching company that offers DVD and audio courses on pretty much every topic imaginable.  They’ve got courses on each of the 5 major religions. I’ve done Buddhism and Judaism so far and it’s fascinating. With the CD’s you also get a guidebook companion.  It’s a nice overview, and an excellent way to open your eyes to the history and traditions of other faiths.

Other times, though, we don’t need a broad overview; it’s time to get specific.  Joyce Meyer’s Power Thoughts does just that – she tackles the subject of our thoughts and how we align them with a Christian lifestyle.  If you’ve struggled with negativity, doubt and worry this book’s a gem of a title.  Meyer offers 12 Power Thoughts, and it’s an ideal thought-a-month type of book. Each month, review each chapter several times and commit the month’s thought to memory.  It’s a spirituality/personal development hybrid that really works.


What a terrific series this was.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Next up, stay tuned…I have one more special bonus category for you to finish things up! Of course, Pebble Wisdom Book Summaries+ subscribers have access to all archived titles in the Library.  You’re not a subscriber? You can fix that here.

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