Book Nerd Blog: The Strangest Secret — and its relevance today

Book Nerd Blog: The Strangest Secret & its relevance today

Pebble Wisdom Book Summaries+ subscribers know that Classic Titles are one of my favorite genres in non-fiction: they’re titles that have been around a while, yet still have value today because…well, the information is just so damn good.  Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret is among the best of the best, and it’s still relevant going into 2018.

You may ask:  “How can something originally produced in the 1950’s have any relevance today?”   I’d argue that it’s not only still relevant in the 21st century, but it’s even more relevant than ever. 

Spoiler alert:  what Nightingale refers to as his Strangest Secret is simply this:

Man becomes what he thinks about.

So…if we’ve known this for centuries, why do the overwhelming majority of people not use this to their advantage?  Here’s a great example of The Strangest Secret in action:

Watch what you feed your mind as carefully (if not more so) as you feed your body!  A steady mind diet of junk food will leave you listless, wandering, without goals and drifting through your life.  And your life is too precious to spend it drifting.

blog_122916What’s mind junk food, you ask?  Here’s the worst of the worst:  reality TV, 24 hour sensationalized news media, tabloid magazines, sitcoms (that, by the way, are often  glorified product placements or outlets for the creators’ own personal or political bias), made-for-tv movies (that are overwhelmingly negative, by the way) and social media – don’t even get me started on that one.

Now… before y’all inundate my email’s inbox with a bunch of “you’re wrong” emails, hold on – I’m not saying you need to completely banish these from your life, especially if you enjoy them.  Just like the food we eat,  mind junk food – in moderation – is something I recommend!  We can’t be perfect all the time, so an occasionally indulgence is not just a treat, it’s actually psychologically healthy. (good thing, too – because this Book Nerd does have a penchant for a burger & fries from time to time).

Moderation in all things, said Aristotle.  That is the key.

Do yourself a favor and harness Nightingale’s Strangest Secret for yourself.  An excellent way to usher in 2018 would be to limit (or, if you get no value from it, banish) the mind’s junk food and replace it with the good stuff.

A good place to start with the good stuff is, indeed, a classic title like The Strangest Secret.  Pebble Wisdom Book Summaries+ subscribers can access the Video & PDF Guide in the Library.

Until next time, I remain:

Your Personal Book Nerd,


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