Preview: August 2017 Edition of Pebble Wisdom Book Summaries+

September 2017 Edition Preview

This is easy-to-consume knowledge (yes, even for busy people!) focused on results.

Each edition features 6 results-oriented titles with specific recommendations that subscribers use to get real results in life.  Here is just a sampling of the gems in this month’s edition,and most importantly- how your life can be impacted:

Pebble Wisdom Book Summaries+ is a Personal Trainer for your mind. Think of us as your Book Coach!

Think of Pebble Wisdom Book Summaries+ as a Book Coach. We will do for your mind what a Personal Trainer does for your body!

arrow_blue Want to start a business? Here’s the #1 thing you must have on day one.  [Gerber]

arrow_blue Learn 2 simple strategies – that you can do in less than 5 minutes! – to radically improve your days. Seriously, they work!   [Vanderkam]

arrow_blue Would you like radically transform your weight, energy and health? This book can do that – in just 22 days!   [Borges]

arrow_blue Use this proven tool to turn knowledge into action, and action into results — and the best part? Each task can be completed in 15 minutes or less. It’s ideal for busy people! [Quickstart Action Guide]

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Pebble Wisdom Book Summaries+ is

Your Personal Book Nerd, the Ultimate Personalized Success System.


What Makes PWBS+ Unique?

  • Pebble Wisdom has what no other book summary offers: free, personalized support. The proven, effective PWBS+ Success System offers results in as little as 15 mins/day!
  • Specifically designed for busy people, we are action oriented & focused on getting you results. This is not your average book summary product!
  • Each monthly edition is diverse: Biography, Classic Titles, Business, Money, Personal Development, Health & More!
  • Included in each edition, our QuickStart Action Guide guarantees you'll turn knowledge into action!
  • PWBS+ Subscribers receive unlimited access to 100+ Archived titles in the Pebble Wisdom Library!

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